The Bridge

I speak of Christianity here, because around me Christianity holds the majority, but this holds for any religion. I saw a quote the other day that really hit me hard. It said we must ask ourselves when we take action via words or physically whether we are under the motivation of doing it because it is right and virtuous or preforming it under the reason of judgement. The judgement should be left to God for he is the one that carries the responibility. It seems all too often people approached by Christians feel as though they are being judged by the Christian themselves, and not that they are being shown a path that is virtuous and right. The story of Jesus - His humility, virtue, and embrace are ideas and things that I would propose the vast majority of people with sympathize with.

It is far to often however that Christians get caught up in quoting scripture, know they are right, and wish to simply push others into the way of the "light." This method of interaction does not show humility, virtue, or righteousness. It's goal may be to lead those under it in these efforts, but to me it often seems like I am talking to a snake-oil salesman when I am talking to some Christians. I view myself as a Christian, but I try my best to embrace it with what I know is right in my heart. It is very easy to let in motivations of our own and agendas - to get angry or emtional about something we care about so much as our beliefs. Unfortunantely when we get involved in these ways that all to often our beliefs turn to near hypocrisy. It is for this reason that I believe often Christians are ignored or disliked by those who are not Christian and even other Christians.

Humility is understanding. It is the realization that we are all "scum" of the earth, we are all sinners, we are all the evil we see in the world. Through understanding this and seeing ourselves just the same as we see others I think communication between those of other faiths, beliefs, and ideas is much more free to blossom, and create a bond of love, rather than one of conflict due to difference in beliefs and intolerance.

I post this because I often seen those who respond to people in difficulty who dislike this religion that keeps telling them it will be ok, and to love and worship and accept Jesus as their Savior. Just do these things and everything will be wonderful. Just look at these scriptures I link you. Just goto church. Many Christians look at those who speak negatively of Christianity; of the way it has talked to them in the past as opponents who must be scriptured and bruteforced to Gods glory. These Christians are not acting under Virtue or righteousness, but under the judgement that because they are not saved they are not equals. To say this is not so is to live under self-delusion. You cannot preach someones heart to God. It is that person alone who can accept him, and virtues cannot be told, they must be shown. We often speak more than we do. We preach others in the workings of virtue and yet are not acting, even in preaching to the others, under the virtue we claim them to need to live.

I speak of Christians here, but this holds for all people. This is only my opinion take it or leave it.

"Be the Change You Wish To See In the World." - Mahatma Ghandi

Jun 27, 2009