Waking Sleep

Head in one place
Heart in another

Beauty in the storm
Happily depressed

Suffocating slowly

Atlast freedom to breathe
Happiness touching my soul
Head and heart together
Two parts united into one

In the destruction of the past a lesson learned
Experience gained from the chains that held my divided soul

Free for a while happy to live
In my scars the lessons of the past
Reminding me to let the light of life,
into my heart and soul bringing me to life.

Jul 7, 2009

Virtue And Incentive

Would you...

Do what is right regardless of the presence of a God?
Keep the same beliefs and ideas if the path to God was a set of different ideals from your own?
Goto a future of pain and agony rather than a heaven in the action of doing what you currently believe?

Would you be willing to goto "Hell" with your current beliefs regardless of if you think they are right or not?

Why do you believe what you believe?