Leadership & Real Power

This will probably be a post of irony.
1. People get bored with over-explanation - Communication

You might think initially explaining information thoroughly definitely is not a bad thing, but do you like the food after your not hungry anymore? Feed others information, but keep it brief. There is no need to be redundant. The less time you take, chances are you will hit the critical points and people fill the rest in themselves. I find experience with this in college lectures. The professors that cover twice as much material, surprisingly I find easier to learn from. The one's that spend an entire lecture on simple concepts tend to become quite boring - and hence attention is lost and very little professor student guidance occurs, making the class much more difficult. Cover more information in less time, but with a dose of salt. Allow a quick recap, and make sure to take feedback on the "empty" spots your communication "ukae" may have.

2. Never Forgot Who Makes You What You Are

If you are a leader it is because others make you one. Greed will destroy you. People invest in you and look to you, because you are a person they can believe in. they invest belief in you because you value them over all else.

3. Invest in Karma

You might get handed leadership and power from another person, but it will not last unless you invest in karma. You must give to receive.

4. Before You Lead, Follow

Before you are a leader you are a follower. You follow your followers. You are there because every individual makes you so. You should expect to provide service for the individual.

5. A Good Leader

A leader can grant his\her followers victory and success; be respected and trusted. A good leader can lead his people to failure and have his followers 100% committed with heart and soul to following him to whatever end.

6. Give Up the Material

Materialism is a system designed for failure. For all of time there will be those who will do everything it takes to attain materialistic power. Accumulation of money, and material beyond those of even the most generous of wants, is investment in self, and misuse of power. This does not sit well with a follower. Wealth and materialism is ok, but you must be as ready to give it away, as to receive it.

7. Value service and good relationships over everything.

A good relationship will do more for you than money ever can. I call this integrity, and in a leader it is his most important attribute. Integrity is remembering that real power is from those that defend you, and fight for you. Falling on money and leverage for power is a sure way to attain followers that betray you, and followers who fight you for desire of your possessions.

8. Power is a term carrying more than one connotation.

Power based on leverage and money can be taken, and received in the flash of a second. Power based on relationship is power that is not easily forfeit.

So how do you make this practical?
Do good things for others, help them out, service everyone in your local sphere of existence. Release your desire for money. Invest in others. The connections for the basis for a group. A group which will support you and build you.

I am fairly confident you will get almost nothing from reading the above, it is more or less a formatted bouncing board for myself. These things are all impractical for most people. For any of it to matter you must feel it at the heart, and that my friend only comes from your own experience, but perhaps this might remove a couple obstacles.

Sep 17, 2008

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Martina said...

You have some very interesting content on your blog - but I especially enjoyed reading some of you bio information - especially the part about "loving what you do" - that is exactly the same journey that I am on myself!