I am falling asleep inside.
So many questions inside.
A maelstrom of thoughts, feelings, and emotions molest my soul.
Organizing this mess sometimes progresses but recurrently ends up with my soul as cold as coal.

Imitation, creation, and loss of motivation.
Perception and erosion effecting corrosion.
Working hard to create a facade to create complement to your judgement of whom I should be.
Caring more about this facade than what my own character should be.

I am an actor in my own extraordinary story.
Alas I am only half of the main character in my story.
You create the other half.
Do I really have control?
Sometimes the actor acts without motivation of my soul.

Looking out to the world, hate in other's eyes.
Feelings set in and create emotional lies.
Blind to our own monstrosity we discriminate and twist.
Looking back we ask what it could have been we missed.
The rise of malevolence silently distressing the thoughts
An evil in the heart rising inside that the soul has caught.

Such a force inside for the soul to control
Subtly driven inside, slowly turning the mind into a fool.
But hey it says you are a good person these thoughts are just thoughts.
Stealthily it hides. The malevolences inside.

In us all a hidden rogue.
Undiscovered a corrupter of man
But it is said the man does all that he can
A subtle beauty in the mosaic of forces at work.
Slowly working on the man.

It is the soul that decides how to feel
When a turmoil grows inside, it is the soul that chooses to reel
It is in a choice
We create an illusion to ourselves with but one little voice.
An illusion we strive to protect.
The illusion in the facade we create.
A coalition of lies to ourselves.
In this a deep evil we fail to respect.

Insecurity rising inside.
It is you who must respect the house in which I reside.
Should you not then hostility will ensue
For my view is unconditionaly to be your view
In this hostility a great hatred is nurtured.
For if we cannot agree, the multitude of us together can never be
The hatred is righteous for it is for my cause.
My ideas unquestioned are to be respected.
For my ideas I will protect at any loss
It is you who is a threat not accepting my belief.
It is you who posions the tree and it's every leaf.
I take action because I care, but this reason is an escuse.
Blinded in my passions and my emotions I am deceived by the dark side of my heart.
I no longer need ask what is Virtuous, for I am a justice of good.
My judgement is unquestioned. Undisputed. I am the judge.
It is my responibility to fight what it not righteous, and what is not righteous is your ideas.
I know I am unmistakable in my belief
My ideas and beliefs are all I need.

Aug 19, 2009