The gentle flow caressing my heart
Carving it slowly into art.
The torrents, the stress
Can feel so powerless.
The senses, the touch
The feelings, the rush
So intricately carving all that I am.

Seeking meaning in the safety of control.
Doing the best to direct the soul.
The shimmers of beauty at first dawns light.
The storms of sorrow at midday's crest.
A glimmer of hope as day fades to night.
Calm and surrender creeping into sight.

The inner turmoil of my heart creating a story carved of experience and love,
And the storms of life sieging my soul.
In the rains a beauty unfolds.
The tears of life falling upon the heart.
Never lose hope for-
Within the surges, the fights, the turbulence, the forces of nature a subtle twist,
The feeling, the expression, the sensation, and the motivations uncover the mask of beauty within.

Behind this screen called life, a menagerie of actors hollow and clear.
Beauty of ambitious motivation, before tainted by the poison of doubt.
Actors affixed through a veil of atoms and molecules.
Transcending construction, a bridge of heart and love.
In the middle can be discovered bliss in happiness.
The bridge hopefully not destroyed by weapons of greed, jealousy, and lust.
Or weakened over time by boredoms rust.
Weathering life's storms;
And from the ravaging surge of it's banks, protection is found in the glimmering veils of hope and love.

May 30, 2010